How To Support Your Team During A Time Of Change

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

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The only constant in life is change. We have been told that from the beginning of time yet it doesn’t make it easier to cope when change comes our way. When change occurs within an organization, helping your employees understand and work through change is a process that is key to the success of the change being effective.  So how do you support your team during a time of change?

  1. Conduct effective change management training

Work with your HR or Project Management team to identify or hire a Change Management Practitioner to come and host workshops or seminars on change management. This professional will walk through key phases of the change curve and share and train techniques on how to manage change effectively within your individual teams as well as company wide.  2. Be available to hear their concerns and answer questions During a time of organizational or transformational change, there will be lots of questions and uncertainty among your employees. Set some time aside to have a regular cadence of communication to give updates, answer and address questions and to be available for your employees. This openness and transparency will increase the trust factor with your teams which will keep engagement at a high level during this time of change within the organization. 3. Celebrate successes small and big \When change occurs you can make every plan imaginable to have a perfect integration but sometimes elements can still go wrong and that is ok. It’s important as you work through your change that you celebrate milestones and successes with your team to show you appreciate them and the hard work they have done to date. Some changes can span over the course of months and years and it's important to celebrate the small and big successes to help the team get recognition for the great work they have done to date and to motivate them to continue to go the rest of the way.  In our world, change is becoming an inevitable factor of business. Creating a culture of change readiness is key to continue to become agile, competitive and successful no matter what your business or industry. 

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