Job Window Shopping - Should You Indulge?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Going job window shopping can be a fun adventure.

You’ve had a slump at work and you feel off your game. You can’t tell if it’s you or your job and you can't remember the last time you truly felt happy. So you go on Indeed, LinkedIn or Workopolis to see what other excitements await you in the wonderful world of work. You scroll and see a few roles that catch your eye and you innocently click the “apply'' button. 

Days and even weeks go by, you don’t hear a reply and to be honest you forgot about what you even applied to until you get an email inviting you to a job interview for next week. So now you have a decision to make - do you decline the invite and or do you indulge your curiosity and see what they have to offer?

Going job window shopping can be a fun adventure.

You learn about a new organization you’ve heard about through the grapevine, you get to toot your own horn and talk about your accomplishments and the great work you’ve done through the years. On the flip side, during the interview, you start talking about your current job and you realize one of two things. First, how much you love your job and how wouldn’t leave it for anything else or second, how unhappy you truly are and that it is time for a change.

Going job window shopping can be a fun adventure.

Where do you go from here?

Change is hard and moving jobs or even careers can be a difficult decision and one that should be taken with much thought and intention. If you come to a cross roads after your Job Window shopping take a pause and ask yourself “What am I looking for?” By asking yourself this, you are going to think about the array of areas in your life that brings you happiness and areas that don’t and the options to fix them. Maybe the answer is a new job or maybe just getting more recognition in your current role or a new project to work on. Whatever you conclude if you do change jobs, it’s for the right reasons and not one that will make you question your actions 3 weeks into your new role. 

Job window shopping can be a fun escape from the day to day.  Whenever you indulge in this activity think about your “why” and ensure it aligns with your “what and how” to gut check your actions and intentions to avoid any surprises. 

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