Finding Moments Of Relaxation In A Nonstop Day

We all have those days, the meetings seem endless and there continues to be more and more of them until your day is done. I’ve noticed my schedule seems to reflect that more and more and no matter what tactic or trick I use to try and give myself some breathing space, not many changes.

As the days and business get busier, I try and find the silver lining to keep me amped and pumped throughout my day. One habit that I find has been my go-to recently is ending meetings 10 mins to the hour early and using that time to just breathe. In those few seconds of stillness, my deep breathing techniques help me to focus, reenergize and just be. This habit of mine has now become a ritual and it’s a spot on my calendar I frequently look forward to. Those tiny moments, I sed to take for granted or just sit around for the next meeting, now have purpose and grounding.

Another habit I have started to mobilize is calling a friend during my break. With us all working from home it’s easier to pick up the phone and take a quick call. I find these little 5 minute calls to be a great pick me up during the mid-day slump. Hearing the voice of a dear friend, having a laugh, or learning the latest and greatest, helps to feel connected on so many levels. Those moments where I am not staring at my screen, replying to DMs, and just being in the moment, are ones that I truly treasure now in our new normal. These phone calls truly help me to break up my day, change my pace and track of thought and help me to appreciate and just be in the moment.

Last and one that literally has changed my world are affirmations. When I first heard of affirmations, I never really understood their power until I did some digging and truly started to see the change happen in my life within days. The power and energy of positive thinking truly have allowed me to live within a dimension in myself that I only dreamed was possible. I have affirmations on my phone, my office, my wall...they are everywhere. They particularly come in handy when I may not be having the best day and I repeat my favorite affirmation a few times and it truly helps me to find my deeper purpose again.

We all have our vices and I purposefully and intentionally try to center mine on positivity. Someone we only have our own thoughts or words and we need to listen to that inner voice in order to get us back to that mental space of clarity we need.

Take a moment for yourself and try these different tactics to help you get through your day. You might be surprised what you find that helps you to be the best version of yourself and resets your day for ultimate productivity.

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